Interlude: In Other Lands

Baroque sensibilities and ideas originated largely in Italy, the physical and spiritual home of the the Counter–Reformation. The peninsula enjoyed relative calm as religious and political turmoil raged in other parts of Europe, and it was heir to the Renaissance traditions of art and rationality. Its influence continued with the export of Baroque fashions in drama, extravagance, and appeal to the emotion.

But other countries had their own traditions, which they continued to cultivate. Where religion could be set aside to a certain degree, there might be enthusiasm for Italianate fashions and styles at courts and institutions. On the other hand, resentment of all things Italian, for one reason or another — religious, nationalist, or just plain chauvinist — meant a conscious rejection of these new ideas in favour of the familiar.

Fresco, Church of the Gesù
Fresco, Church of the Gesù
(Wikimedia Commons)

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