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Titles are indexed extensively by name, composer, lyricist, catalogue number and medium. Use free text to search, e.g. “monteverdi vespers” or “caccini madrigal sfogava con le stelle.” Enter at least two words for a successful search.

The main entry for a title typically appears in the composer’s native language, but can be matched by an alias or other name, e.g. a search for “Eurydice” will yield titles containing “Euridice” where such an alias is listed.

Use the Collections only check–box to eliminate contents from a search. For example, “monteverdi vespers” will get you its entire contents, while the same search with the check–box set will ignore everything except the collection title itself.

The period is rife with alternative spellings, which the search engine allows for, along with differences across languages*. Thus, for example, cembalo, cimbalo, cimbano, clavicembalo, clauicembalo, clavicembolo, harpsichord, and so on, are all treated as the same instrument; use any of these or other values when searching.

A search score, i.e. the number of keywords matched, is presented in angle brackets at the end of each match.

* English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch.