Enter a series of note names, separated by spaces, matching the theme you want to search for.

Use the Helmholtz system to represent pitch names in the range f through e'', with + and – (or Lilypond conventions is and es) to represent sharps and flats respectively. Alternatively, use the graphics above the search box: click the keys of the keyboard or the individual notes on the staff to enter note names.

Themes are indexed by the semitone difference between successive notes, so the key you search by is irrelevant. Rests are ignored, as are note durations. Clefs, key signatures, time signatures etc. are as in the original publication or manuscript wherever possible; editorial markings such as slurs or bar–lines are shown dashed.

Example: any of

g' a' b' c'' d'' d'' c'' c'' b' b' a' a' g'


b c'+ d'+ e' f'+ f'+ e' e' d'+ d'+ c'+ c'+ b


b cis' dis' e' fis' fis' e' e' dis' dis' cis' cis' b

will yield a result that includes the Toccata from Monteverdi’s Orfeo:

Monteverdi, Claudio Giovanni Antonio. “Toccata.” L'Orfeo. 1609.